Open for enrollment for the 2021-2022 School Year.

Anima Mundi K12 School | Enrollment

1. Complete the Online Enrollment Application

Complete the online application form by creating an account and providing basic information about your student.
Anima Mundi K12 School | Enrollment

2. Parent Interview

Within 5 days of completing the online application, an enrollment coordinator will contact you to set up a parent or legal guardian interview.
Anima Mundi K12 School

3. Complete the Admission

To complete the admissions process, you may need to provide more detailed information about your student, submit necessary documentation, and/or fulfill any additional requirements related to your student’s enrollment.
Anima Mundi School

4. Pay Tuition

Your enrollment coordinator will guide you in the process and will help arrange tuition payment with an enrollment coordinator. View our current tuition and rates.
Anima Mundi K12 School | Enrollment

5. Approval!

Congratulations! Once all steps above are completed, you will receive an Enrollment Confirmation email. We look forward to having your child as an Anima Mundi student.

Anti-discrimination Policy

Anima Mundi School does not discriminate, exclude from participation, or deny the benefits of an educational program or activity for which Anima Mundi School is responsible on the basis of race, color, religious preference, or national origin.