Parent & Student Frequently Asked Questions


What will be the time zone for classes?

Homeschool and community learning can be determined by parents and children for the times that work best in their schedules.

Time zones for online learning will depend on the number of registered children from a specific time zone on any given school year, however, the main time zone for online learning is Eastern Standard Time (EST).  Our goal is to be able to offer different time zone learning to satisfy the needs of every student and parent.  Having more registered students in a specific time zone will allow us to schedule entire programs and classes with teachers who can be available and successfully cover those time zones.


Will it be possible for people with disabilities to participate in the school?

Absolutely.  Children below 5th grade are required to have a learning coach at home who is the person responsible for the child’s learning, attendance, and assistance whenever the child requires it.  Learning coaches are responsible for the child’s learning and must ensure the child’s up to date school responsibilities.


Will the online classes be every day, weekdays?

Yes, online learning is designed with everyday lessons. Class assistance is taken in every class and counts toward the child’s grade. Should your child require the freedom to have a more flexible schedule based on the family’s lifestyle we recommend opting for our homeschool learning option.


Can I share the school link with other people in the community?

Of course! Both the website or open house link can be shared with family and friends.


Do you provide the homeschooling materials and books etc every month or all at once?

Lessons are uploaded every week and can be downloaded weekly.  We recommend downloading the lessons in advance to prepare the required class materials for the upcoming lessons. Though we would recommend reading books from time to time, Anima Mundi does not often follow specific textbooks for its curriculum, therefore, children are not required to spend large amounts of money in books.  All lessons are already set up and ready to go through our learning platform and no further textbooks are required unless it is determined in the beginning of the semester.


Will everything be online like materials and e-books or you provide hardcopy as well?

All lessons can be downloaded and printed if there is a need for hardcopy materials.


Will the student get a certificate for homeschool learning?

Yes, every student will receive a certificate from Anima Mundi.


Is there a possibility of switching between the online and the homeschool options?

Yes, students can switch from the program if needed every semester, as grades are provided every six months. Requested changes in the middle of the semester will not be granted.


What is the last day to register for homeschool options?

Children can register for homeschool learning any time during the school year, however, grades will only be provided upon a complete semester has been fulfilled and successfully concluded.


What is the School Calendar?

You can find the school calendar here.


How much is the school year? What is the tuition?

Tuition costs vary based on the learning type you choose for the school year. For a complete list of tuition costs, please visit our Tuition page.