The Role of a Learning Coach

At Anima Mundi, a Learning Coach is the adult responsible for providing support, motivation, and guidance to their student throughout the school year.

Anima Mundi Learning Coach

Commitment & Support

A Learning Coach is typically a student’s parent or legal guardian, but can be another family member, friend, or trusted adult. What’s most important is that the Learning Coach be available and committed to supporting their student each school day.

Learning Coaches help online school work. For students in kindergarten through second grade, a school day is a blend of online lessons and offline learning, such as reading, skills practice, and hands-on projects. School days also typically include live online classes with certified teachers. Learning Coaches of students in kindergarten, first, and second grade get to share in their student’s successes and struggles, sparking their joy of learning.

Anima Mundi Learning Coach

Leadership & Help

Learning Coaches in the younger grades are actively involved each school day as students begin learning how to read and use computers. From tracking attendance, to helping students gather materials, to getting them logged in to their classes on time, Learning Coaches play a crucial role in keeping students on pace and progressing in their courses. They help students stay focused and engaged during live, teacher-led class time. Learning Coaches also lead offline lessons, helping students develop foundational skills in reading and writing.

On average, a Learning Coach will spend 4 to 6 hours per day working with a kindergartener, first-, or second-grader. Some may need to spend more time, depending on their child’s needs and level of independence. At this early stage, it’s critical for the Learning Coach to be by the student’s side throughout the school day.

Anima Mundi Learning Coach

Socialization & Community

Learning Coaches should build in healthy breaks throughout the day and find ways for students to be social outside of their school experience.

Because we know and value the work our Learning Coaches put in, we supply them with support at many levels. Learning Coaches regularly communicate with their student’s teachers and school staff.

Being a Learning Coach is a wonderful way to make a real difference in a child’s life. It’s also a key part of the Anima Mundi community. We’re grateful for those who take on this role and empower their students to get the personalized education they deserve.